Mistress Cerise

Below are a list of my sessions interests, and do's and dont's when you have a session with me.
Please read them thouroughly so you know not to ask me any stupid quetions:

• Corporal Punishment
• Wrestling
• Waxing
• Role Play
• CB & N Torture
• Foot Worship
• Bondage
• Humiliation
• Anal Play
• TV/Maid/Slut Training – offer out as real hired maids
• Water Sports
• Enforced Feminisation
• Facesitting/Smothering/Queening
• Extended Sessions/Overnight Stays
• Lock – Up Facility
• Fetish Escorting – I visit you.  Email me for more details

She will take your mind, body and soul to places you’ve never been before!!

My Equipment :

No personal services:
Professional dominants do NOT engage in any form of sexual contact with their paying customers, therefore BDSM activities are not to be confused by prostitution.

No slaves demanding activates during a session:
Make requests in advance of the session!

No slaves demanding items of clothing during a session:
Make requests in advance of the session if you have a particular interest, I will dress to maximise your experience but I need to know in advance of your arrival)

No Being early or late for an appointment:
I demand punctuality. If you are going to be late do let me know in advance as it may delay others. If you are early you may call me to check if I can see you. If I am busy make your way to a nearby coffee shop or a bar and call me when your appointment is due.

No Bad hygiene:
I will take you to the bathroom to freshen up before the session. Those of you who wish to indulge in anal play should always make appropriate preparation. If you are not sure what to do ask Me!!

No withheld numbers:
I want to see who you are and if you have called Me before, a withheld number will make Me think you want to waste My time.

No indiscretion:
No using My title "Mistress" "Goddess "etc on the entry phone. Would you like Me to arrive at your home or work place and call you slave at your front door. (hmmm probably you might in your fantasies but in reality?) If you bring equipment make sure its is discreetly covered. I don't want My neighbours seeing your grubby dildo. It might disturb them psychologically.

No lack of enthusiasm:
Don't expect Me to give My best if you don't. I feed off your eager submission and I have a healthy appetite in this regard.

No Subs being naughty and annoying:
so they can get punished. You will be on your best behaviour and I will punish you any way!

Don't attend your session with Me under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
I am drug enough for you slave!